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【News】Congratulations to Professor Kwei-Jay Lin, the Dean of the Intelligent Computing Institute at Chang Gung University, for being honored "Best Scientists of 2023"(Best Scientists Ranking)

We're thrilled to congratulate Professor Kwei-Jay Lin, the Dean of the Intelligent Computing Institute and the Artificial Intelligence Research Center Director, for being recognized as a "Best Scientists of 2023" by the internationally renowned academic website, Research.com.

Research.com recently unveiled its comprehensive Best Scientists Ranking for 2023. This ranking spans 26 fields based on individual Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph profiles. Scientists evaluate their contributions within their research field according to their H-index, their contributions within their research field, and their attained awards and achievements.

This year, ten full-time faculty members from our university have made it to the list in their respective fields. Professor Kwei-Jay Lin is one of them, underscoring the robust AI research capabilities and international leadership of Chang Gung University's Intelligent Computing Institute.

List of Chang Gung University Nominated Faculty:

Professor Jau-Song Yu (Biology and Biochemistry)
Professor Jessie Lue (Engineering and Technology)
Professor Kwei-Jay Lin (Computer Science)
Professor Shih-Wei Lin (Computer Science, Mathematics)
Professor Shin-Ru Shih (Microbiology)
Professor Huan-Tsung Chang (Chemistry)
Professor Ruey-Shin Juang (Chemistry)
Professor Jyh-Ping Chen (Materials Science)
Professor Ting-Yu Chen (Computer Science)
Professor Chao-Sung Lai (Electronics and Electrical Engineering)
Source: https://research.com

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